From the Blog (21/01/2014)

I've got to admit to you friends: I love to preach! This is what is at the Heart of all that we do in our ministry! Even though there are plenty of sights to be seen and a few other things that we do in our travels--the Main Thing that keeps us going is the preaching of God's Word and watching what it does in the hearts and lives of all who listen. The Gospel is powerful and we've watched many lives changed through the proclamation of it. In this end of 2013 report, there will be images shown of sights that we've seen, but always remember that the main thing Lynn and I are involved in is attending church services and preaching God's Word to those who've attended our services.

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The Journey

A book for teens, parents, and youth workers on how to deal with the hurdles of discouragement, insecurity, and sinful tendencies.

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Morris Gleiser

About Morris

Morris Gleiser serves as the Staff Evangelist of Burge Terrace Baptist Church in Indianapolis, Indiana. His desire is to continue to minister to young and old alike through evangelism and a strong pulpit ministry.

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