From the Blog (11/03/2016)

The Travels Lynn and I have taken in recent weeks/months have literally taken us all over the United States--I mean "ALL OVER!!" We have been from New England to the Southwest to the Northwest and back down to the Southeast and presently in Florida. And we drove most of those miles. We love the travel part but I'm telling you the amount of miles across this Country has reminded me just how Huge it is! But what a time we've had serving our dear Lord. I want to tell you about it and show you some special people & things along the way.

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The Journey

A book for teens, parents, and youth workers on how to deal with the hurdles of discouragement, insecurity, and sinful tendencies.

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Morris Gleiser

About Morris

Morris Gleiser serves as an Evangelist and bases his ministry in Indianapolis, Indiana.  His desire is to continue to minister to young and old alike through evangelism and a strong pulpit ministry.

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