On The Road

2016 Review

Posted 2016-12-17
Written by Morris Gleiser

Photo: Vicki L. Tayloe, Victoria Designs photography Copyright 2016

As Lynn and I look back at 2016, we can't help but rejoice at the goodness and grace of our Lord who has guided and protected us throughout the year. Seriously I can't begin to tell you everything that has occurred this past year. We both remember how just 16 years ago we stepped out by faith into Evangelism and Revival work. WE felt like Israel must have felt when they stepped out into the overflowing waters of Jordan's River. Israel was about to step onto the land that had been promised to them as a nation--a land they had never walked on before. Well, it was a time of anticipation, obedience and a little nervousness as we stepped into the work of itinerarnt ministry--but how good our God has been.

2016 has taken us out West for several weeks, all the way back to the East coast and everywhere in between. We even spent some time in two revivals in the Maritimes of Canada (Nova Scotia and New Brunswick). It was wonderful to see the Lord work in people's hearts all across North America.

Puget Sound in Washington State

The Waters in the Maritimes between New Brunswick & Nova Scotia, Canada

On a day off in Phoenix, Arizona between meetings I got to play some golf--in January!!! I wanted to call some friends back North and ask them how the snow was treating them.

The Summer months gave me the wonderful privilege of once again preaching to teenagers all across the country in various Teen Camps. I was so thankful to preach at The Wilds of North Carolina, Grandview Camp in Arizona, Ironwood Christian Camp in California, Southland Christian Camp in Louisiana, Bill Rice Ranch in Tennessee, Camp CoBeAc in Michigan, Forest Glen Bible Camp in Nova Scotia Canada, Camp Chetek in Wisconsin and finally at The Wilds of New England in New Hampshire. I can't tell you how great it is to preach to teenagers and watch the Lord work on hearts. Many salvations, many called to live a Godly life and many surrender to full-time Christian service. I even get the privilege of praying with some teenagers throughout the summer.

The Wilds (Fun-Time)--North Carolina

Ironwood Christian Camp--High Desert of California--Temperatures would soar to 112 (Heat Index somewhere between everything melts and scorching!)

Bill Rice Ranch--Murfreesboro, Tennessee--Incredible to be back. I loved it!

Camp CoBeAc in Prudenville, Michigan--Had a great week with teenagers and saw many good things happen--Best week ever at CoBeAc!

Photo: Vicki L. Tayloe, Victoria Designs Photography Copyright 2016

Whether it has been church pulpits, camp pulpits and on Christian College campuses and even one Nursing home, it has been an incredible year of serving our Lord. I never get tired of opening God's Word and explaining it and exhorting people to accept the Gospel. I never weary of challenging God's people to take another spiritual step in obedience to Him.

As Lynn and I continue our travels into 2017, please remember to pray for us please. We are in the midst of a huge transition in our lives, as we have moved to Texas. Texas is where I grew up but I haven't lived there for 40 years. We will continue to travel all across the USA in this coming year, desiring to see our Lord continue to work in hearts of all who I am privileged to preach to.